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We are a group of dancers from Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

We are not professional dancers and we do not claim this to be our aim or duty. And, perhaps if we were professional, we probably wouldn’t dance with so much pleasure. But it doesn’t mean that we are not perfectionists.

Dancing is our leasure and we dance pretty much often. We love to meet and to turn the moments of rehearsal in performances.

We dance in the same manner as it was used to in earlier times. Not folk dances, but a little bit older ones.

We are decoding dance steps and choreographies from hundreds of years ago.

When we get tired of dancing we skim art albums and then we tailor and sew costumes.

Our fun is mixing colours.

Our aim is not to go back in those times, but to bring back fragments and colours from the 13th—19th centuries.

If you are curious about what we were able to do so far, what are our future plans and other details about us, just browse the following pages and you will find out...

For more information about us please visit the Passeggio's Blog or our
  youtube  and  Facebook profiles.


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